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We provide assistance for DIRECTV customers who are struggling to use their DIRECTV remotes.


Trying to watch your favorite show or the nightly news?

Maybe you just sat down with a platter of nachos to enjoy the big game but you can’t get the DIRECTV remote to work correctly. Problems with DIRECTV remotes are notoriously common, but do you really want to endure the frustration that comes with trying to get one to work? 

No DIY Videos

When your DIRECTV remote won’t work, you may be tempted to visit YouTube to find a video tutorial that can teach you how to get your remote back into functioning condition.
Unfortunately, these videos are often made by amateurs. They can be confusing and contain incorrect information. It’s not a good idea to trust these videos as they could actually render the problem more complicated.

No Blog

You might attempt to repair your DIRECTV remote by visiting a helpful blog; there are, after all, hundreds of blogs related to satellite tv and DIRECTV on the internet. 

Certainly, you can Google, “fix my DIRECTV remote,” but here’s the problem–you can’t ask the blogger questions in real time. You may discover that even after following the blog’s instructions carefully, they don’t address the problem you’re experiencing and after all the time spent at the attempt–you still get nowhere.

No Forums

As a last ditch effort, you might try to visit an online forum to seek help fixing your DIRECTV remote. One thing is for sure–you’re not the only customer with a failing remote. 

You’ll find forums filled with frustrated customers just like you. If you know anything about forums, you’ve probably already seen that answers to queries can vary widely. If you don’t mind spending your morning or afternoon sorting through replies, you could take this route, but it’s pretty sketchy.

On the other hand, wouldn't it be so much more convenient and less frustrating just to make a phone call to Anything Wireless?

We field these types of calls and are familiar with all types of DIRECTV remote issues. In fact, we pride ourselves on being experts on the matter. We could have your remote working for you before the game is scheduled to begin!

When you contact Anything Wireless for DIRECTV remote assistance, you'll be able to speak to a live person who is experienced in correcting remote issues

We can walk you through step by step in the process to fix your unworking remote. Best of all--you can ask questions along the way! Don't allow yourself to be mired in frustration when a single phone call to Anything Wireless could easily right your situation.

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